JOBS 43: 1-100



Black Yoshis Meets Emerpus

At Leona Ville and

The MASTER, Qifar

Ibn Fu

(The Father of Birthlessness The First and the Fourth Deity,

Three in One, The Phenomena

The Dialectic In Nature

The All In All

The One Everything






"Agarazo Exagarazo Apolotrosus Hilastorion Heliasmos Dekaoo Aparthatus"

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is Correct and Profound. 



The Coming Of God and the Gathering of HIS People.




The Maker is the Owner


First, let me take the time to give praise and thanks to our Creator who in his Love

and Mercy, fostered through His Will, an existence that has the desire to know,

serve and acknowledge our eternal appreciation of HIM.  For in this circle of love

I found HIM, myself, YOU and my loved ones, known and unknown, seen and



I, YOUR BELOVED FRIEND, being of sound mind seeking only that which

pleases the Creator of all the Worlds, seen and unseen,  the maker of its inhabitants

therefore made HE MALE AND SHE FEMALE.  (WOW TO THE liars), Originating

and ordaining  this great law of life His LOVE, is Supreme, Absolute, and Ultimately

eternal.  To HIM alone do I  submit and take refuge.  Because HIS Law is Supreme,

and wonderful, the person is worthy of respect, because the person is worthy of respect,

the land is sacred , because the land is sacred the owner is DIVINE, because the owner



The reasons for this letter are many,  However the urgency of the time

directs me to the issue at hand.


For the World is miss-informed and somebody has to take the fall. THE













There are many sins against the body that can cause death, spiritual and physical. 

Sins of commission and sins of omission being the most prevalent, require immediate

attention in order to save ourselves and the patients of the world so grievously

afflicted by The “GREAT LIE”.


At the height of disbelief lies idolatry, the “AMERICAN IDOL”, “The Spoiler” set in battle array to contest GOD for HIS GLORY and RULE!

Prophecy is not Poetry.
Prophecy the reveled word of the Creator, and its inspiration are divine guidance. For a creature who without divine intervention would be lost to the goal of perfection and its purpose, the tuning of the HEART, though we be made WHOLTH.. 
The soothsayers desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect his light though the polytheists, Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees,  soothsayers, and magicians together will not stand although adverse. The true Buddhist sees “THE SINGLE VEHICLE” as the only source of the seen and the unseen self. Worthy of all praise… THE ETERNAL ONE to whom we all Return..






                     MY CIRCLE.

                     THE EXTENT OF MY LIFE.

The Highest Human Leadership requires three stages of action, or works, through CERTAINTY.  An understanding of the past, a good disposition about the present and an empty vessel at the water’s edge to serve in the price of deliverance.

Hurry on the children are coming....

This now is the NEW Directive called,


“The Principle of Directed SUPREME Purpose”.


We must tie up the means of production and give away the increase, to eliminate greed, injustice and oppression. The great and satisfying reply to all human questioning and human need is to be found in this purpose, that which an act merits. This now is the way forward for humanity to establish the acceptable year as three thousand realms in a single moment the birth, death and resurrection of Christ.

For the Lord has ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument for the healing of all the earth and the union of all its people…in one universal cause one common faith, HIS love.                                                                      



The Gift of God is “Eternal Life”, hell is for purification, the purpose of life is

“to come to know” your creator.  Hard trials are necessary to establish truth. 

Faith is the doorway to knowledge of the unseen, knowledge leads to certainty,

the wellspring of enlightenment.


Judgment is to show who is most mindful of their duty, the acts required of life,

by its Lord and to compare wherein ye differed concerning HIM.  To prove

to you that God’s promise is true, and that you would meet with HIM while

you were alive in the world, the meeting which He swore to you that you

would deny…Birth, sickness, old age and death, are existential,  love is

experiential supreme, absolute, ultimate, and eternal.




Love is stronger than death!!!


To that end in Inity, many in body one in spirit, do I issue this call from

the bowels of North America as the Center For Human World Culture.


Kosen-Rufu,  “Fu-No-Po-Human“,

LS chp.23


Blackman’s Gosho


Letter to the Brothers


As the title indicates this letter is written to the American African Male in

particular and to the entire Balaka African Nation as a whole.  There have been

many tales concerning the lost tribe also referred to as the lost sheep  The most

significant one that comes to mind is the story told by Jesus in the new testament 

wherein the question is asked, if you had a 100 sheep and one of them went

astray, would you not leave the ninety and nine to seek after that one that was lost?



With this thought in mind do I undertake this search for the lost one, that

he may be found and restored and that prophecy may be fulfilled concerning

the lest one of GOD'S elite.


To us who remain on distant shores other than that of our ancestral home land,

there have been few who thought enough for their lost members to sincerely

search for them with the love of a father who had lost one of his son’s.


There have been many runaways, uprisings, slave revolts, jail breaks in an

attempt to free the captive believer.  Songs have been written actors have

played, awards have been given, bounties have been paid, yet we remain in

bondage.  Lost to true LOVE, knowledge of self, kind and others.  The true

purpose of our birth and the nature of our CREATOR and his CREATION.


Because of this longing and the suffering of our people, I pray that God in His

infinite Mercy continue to guide  US until on that day all shall be made known. 

For it is written that no eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard, nor has it entered into

the heart of man to conceive what God has stored up  for His anointed..


The writing of Budge translated from “The Book of The Dead”, properly

translated should be interpreted as “Coming Forth By Day”.  In it he say’s

that “the bones of Horace is like loadstone, and the bone of  Seth is like iron”. 

Further on he say’s  “that there were 13 mummies buried in the west”, that

constitute the body of Osirus. Each mummy represents one of the 13 signs

of the zodiac, and the thirteen spiritual centers that undergird and override

the body of every human born on this planet.



 His body when resurrected constitutes salvation of the GOD MAN, His risen soul

and its awakening in Elysis Fields  derive from the Egyptian term ialu

(older iaru), meaning "reeds," with specific reference to the "Reed fields "

(Egyptian: sekhet iaru / ialu), a paradisiacal land of plenty where the dead

hoped to spend eternity.  Reunited at the fountainhead of life, in Salvington.


This SUTRA as it shall be called is an attempt to explain the unexplainable, to

acknowledge the unseen, to make known the beginning of that which has no

beginning, and will forever remain hidden imperceptible.  Just is, self-existent, self

subsistent by whom all thing subsist.  Eternal and Everlasting the most merciful of

those who obtain mercy, He to whom we all return.  .


As our mind is limited it is impossible to conceive of that which is limitless. So as

a mind frame for those of us who’s beginning is dated, let me start this timeless

rehearsal thusly:


In the beginning He who was first dwelled in total triple darkness.  As He was alone,

His surroundings took HIS COLOR . As there where no trees, no ink, and

no one to keep a history of His self creation this knowledge was wrapped up in Him

as ONE.


Later the story is picked up by the early Egyptians as the primordial Eight, envisaged at  Hermopolis (The Ogdoad), together forms as the text indicates a single entity.


The NUN, as the primal cradle in which live the four couples, initial water of inertia,

spatial infinity, self existent hidden as if by darkness, hollowed.  From this watery

space the name lotus symbolically had its roots in mud, its stem in water and its leaves

and flowers opening out into the air receiving the light  and heat of the sun to speak

creation into being.



In this beginning there was unlimited everlasting and eternal space.  Drawn by an eternal

force of magnetic attraction to right action  as a function of its gravity.  ONE stood up in

the empty space called water and thusly created movement as sound, which created light.  Light brought forth time, which squared itself in all FOUR directions.  All directions being

equal when centered created the FIFTH function, stillness of mind peace.  Peace arrayed

itself with three points of light for honor and three points of pigment for dominion SIX, 

Then stepped forward as the crown of creation, SEVEN.  The perfect, ONE on EIGHT

levels of continuity - four metaphysical and four physical.  Completing himself universally

as the balanced eight, as  ONE UNITE of Nine, giving rise to the whole universe

personality as TEN endowed. GOD CONSCIOUS.


Thus the saying, “Our Father Who’s ART IS HEAVEN.”


Our problem stems from improper conception (bastard thinking):  We must honor

our fathers and mothers who are the nourishing cornerstones on which this universe is

erected.  Who is our father and mother, none other than the seed and womb that

gave life to us all.  Pre-contingent, the self created ones Father God and Mother earth

in whom creation finds its first cause and effect, as DIVINE LOVE.



As a cultural organization we support Buddhism as taught by President Ikeda to be

the best, not the only, means to spiritual enlightenment in the public domain and there

by worthy of respect. Also in the recognition of the BALAKA African traditions

as the earliest roots of human spiritual development, we would say? "The African

Thing Is A Human Thing",  A STATE of “Origin“,. First in the struggle to break

from nature worship, and animals worship,  the worship of Secret Arts, Celestial Powers,

from Polytheism to advance the Unity of Opposites as MONOTHEISM,  AS A SINGLE VEHICLE.




As an American African my commitment to self and kind prohibits me from taking these experiences lightly, lesson learned through denial and sacrifice for generations well established, and for too long endured .


Our task is to place the proper head on the proper body in the knowledge of self that advances dignity and self worth through a thorough knowledge of self, and kind.


If you had been regarded as the lowest of the low?  Would you be satisfied at being

regarded, less than the Highest Of the High,  In your RETURN.


Having with that to bear the greatest of gifts yet to be delivered and endowed.




Chant for self affirmation and chant for others patience.





As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the END.  The End time after all is said and

done.  As the completion of the manifestation of all defects rolls back time a new. Thus

Comes One to begin movement the inclination to do that which is right.  Rightly creating

the circle as zero going into itself as demonstrated by Him Oft-Returning Most Merciful remaining whole undivided.


One the first to make known revealing Himself as the first among that which was of itself unseen yet veiled in total triple darkness. Separate yet unalike a living perpendicular the first upright. On this movement all else found direction the rising of the dead, and coming forth by day.


In the ceremony called  “the Opening Of The Mouth” in the resurrection of the dead  a distinction is made between the Ka (Spirit, Soul) and the Ba (body), as a consequence

the opening of the eye, hunger in the belly and thirst on my lips.  The heart is called on

to “raise yourself on your base that you may recall what is in you”.  Coffin Text, Spell

657. “My heart is not ignorant of its place, and it is firm on its base.  I know my name,

I am not ignorant of “It”, I will be among those that follow after Osirus, (on the waters)”.

Coffin Text Spell 572.


The wicked desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah desires to


perfect His light, to perfect the lives of His servants through their love and knowledge

of Him.


At the height of disbelief lies idolatry The Spoiler set in battle array to contest GOD for

HIS GLORY.  The true Buddhist sees GOD as the only source of the seen and the





History is written every 25,000 years in advance one year to every mile around the circumference of our planet, and is called prophecy.  The last 25,000 year cycle had a

vacuum of 6,000 year, for it exhausted itself in 19,000 years leaving a remainder.

The Keys to Human Self Government

The politics of Monotheistic belief suggest a hierarchy in Theocracy, a line of assent and descent through which paternity and maternity is established. As all members seek to serve

the body according to their ability, with the head overseeing all in view from the top to the bottom , thusly the inherent nature of politics is to establish policies to govern in justice.

The MAKER IS THE OWNER the first tenets of faith outline the original order of self

control. To Love God with all thy heart, soul and mind, to know thyself, to Honor thy

Father and thy mother, in Self Preservation love thy neighbor as thyself. As this law

was first imprinted on the soul and evolved outwardly. Divinity over Spirit, over Mind,

over Matter, is the proper order of rotation.

What is needed is a practice that would allow the inner law to manifest, internal law self imposed. Akin to the love you fell that makes you seek not to disappoint your loved one.

Not fear of reprisal or punishment. 

The Practice of PEACE, Jo-Chi’don is The Tea Ceremony,  we welcome a day for its introductions.

This system allows for all human failings and tendencies yet recognizes the seven primary divisions of human government in rotation. In this order,  Dictatorship,  Slavery, Feudalism, Socialism,  Communism,  Capitalism and Imperialism. The first six forms are widely talked about and openly pursued, while the seventh, thou seldom discussed secretly is sought by


As to be Imperial Ruler makes YOU the Most High, Numero Uno. The head Hon Cho,

King of the World, we who have studied knows, many have tried to rule from this level,

but none have succeeded. As this title is reserved for the Almighty,  ALONE. The “ONE”

to Whom all praise is DUE Forever. He alone is Worthy of All Praise. Let he who is best among you be HIS, servant, and he who is without sin cast the first stone.

For the person of small wisdom and dull capacity you should know that nothing is created poor, (FU NO PO HUMAN) without the capacity to accomplish and fulfill its reason for existence and that superiority and inferiority are not comparable out of context. As day &

night are not comparable each has its appointed time, so too every soul.

To recognize that day in which we would be raised up as grateful to our lord for his eternal loving kindness manifest stage after stage until we attain perfection DONE, THE END OF THE RACE.....

The beginning in the end or the end in the beginning!

Tells a tail of twist and turns through the naval of the mind and out again.

The Samadhi 


the Buddha 

HIS journey Leads to  the Dharani of anuttara samyak sambodhi His Dharma.

Where in, He can manifest all physical forms, gain the bodhisattva’s transcendental powers and the truth of 
the Birthlessness of all phenomena is made known as “The Single Vehicle“.

Fu-Ji Shaku Shinmyo.

If in the last five hundred year period after the Thus Come One has entered extinction there is a person,     
who is able to accept, uphold, read, recite, and ponder the Lotus Sutra and preach it for others.  The good 
fortune you gain thereby is immeasurable and boundless.

The practice of this Tea Ceremony called Jo-Chi’don is an offering to the Hidden One in our quest for peace, 
a Companion of Friendship, on our way to the Holy City.

Expedient Means
At that time the World-Honored One calmly arose from his Samadhi and addressed Shariputra, saying: “The wisdom of the Buddha’s is infinitely profound and immeasurable.  The door to this wisdom is difficult to understand and difficult to enter.  Not one of the voice-hearers or pratyekabuddhas is able to comprehend it.

“What is the reason for this?  A Buddha has personally attended a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a million a countless number of Buddhas and has fully carried our an immeasurable number of religious practices,  He has exerted himself bravely and vigorously, and his name is, universally known,.  He has realized the Law that is profound and never known before and preached it in accordance with what is appropriate  yet his intentions is difficult to understand.

“Shariputra, ever since I attained Buddhahood I have through various causes and various similes widely expounded my teachings and have used countless expedient means to guide living beings and cause them to renounce their attachments .  
Why is this?  Because the Thus Come One is fully possessed of both expedient means and the paramita of wisdom.

“Shariputra, the wisdom of the Thus Come One is expansive and profound.  He has immeasurable {mercy}, unlimited {eloquence},  power, fearlessness, concentration, emancipation, and samadhis and has deeply entered the boundless and awakened to the Law never before attained

“Shariputra, the Thus Come One knows how to make various kinds of distinctions and to expound the teachings skillfully.  
His words are soft and gentle and can delight the hearts of the assembly.

“Shariputra, to sum it up: the Buddha has fully realized the Law that is limitless, boundless, never attained before.

“But stop, Shariputra,  I will say no more.  Why? Because what the Buddha has achieved is the rarest and most difficult-to-understand Law.  The true entity of all phenomena can only be understood and shared between Buddhas.  This reality consist of the appearance, nature, entity, power, influence, inherent cause, relation, latent effect, manifest effect, and their consistency from beginning to end.”

The Life Span Of the Thus Come One

Since I attained Buddhahood the number of kalpas that have passed is an immeasurable hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, 
millions, asamkhyas.

Constantly I have preached the Law, teaching, converting countless millions of living beings, causing them to enter the Buddha way, all this for immeasurable kalpas. 
In order to save living beings, as an expedient means I appear to enter nirvana but in truth I do not pass into extinction 
I am always here, preaching the Law I am always here, but through my transcendental powers I make it so that living beings 
in their befuddlement do not see me even when close by.

When the multitude see that I have passed into extinction, far and wide they offer alms to my relics.  All harbor thoughts 
of yearning and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.  When living beings have become truly faithful, honest and upright, 
gentle in intent, single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha, not hesitating even if it costs them their lives, then I and 
the assembly of monks appear together on Holy Eagle Peak. At that time I tell the living beings that I am always here never 
entering extinction but that because of the power of 
an expedient means at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not and that if there are living beings in other lands 
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe, then among them too I will preach the unsurpassed Law.  But you have 
not heard of this, so you suppose that I enter extinction.

When I look at living beings I see them drowned in a sea of suffering therefore I do not show myself.
Causing them to thirst for me.   

Then when their minds are filled with yearning, at last I appear and preach the Law for them. Such are my transcendental 
powers. For asamkhya kalpas constantly I have dwelled on Holy Eagle Peak and in various other places.  When living beings 
witness the end of a kalpa and all is consumed in a great fire, this my land remains safe and tranquil, constantly filled 
with heavenly and human beings.  The halls and pavilions in its gardens and groves are adorned with various kinds of gems.

Jeweled trees abound in flowers and fruit where living beings enjoy themselves at ease.  The God strike heavenly drums, 
constantly making many kinds of music.  Mandarava blossoms rain down scattering over the Buddha and the great assembly.  
My pure land is not destroyed, yet the multitude see it as consumed in fire, with anxiety, fear and other sufferings 
filling it everywhere.

These living beings with their various offenses through causes arising from their evil actions spend asamkhya kalpas, 
without hearing the name of the Three Treasures. But those who practice meritorious ways, who are gentle, peaceful, 
honest and upright all of them will see me, here in person, preaching the Law.  At times for this multitude I describe 
the Buddha’s life span as immeasurable, and to those who see the Buddha only after a long time I explain how difficult 
it is to meet the Buddha.  Such is the power of my wisdom that its sagacious beams shine without measure.  This life span 
of countless kalpas I gained as a result of lengthy practice, You who are possessed of wisdom entertain no doubt on this 
point!  Cast them off, end them forever, for the Buddha’s words are true, not false.  He is like a skilled physician who 
uses an expedient means to cure his deranged sons.

Though in fact alive, he gives out word he is dead, yet no one can say he speaks falsely.  I am the father of this world, 
saving those who suffer and are afflicted.  Because of the befuddlement of ordinary people, though I live, I give out word 
I have entered extinction.  For if they see me constantly, arrogance and selfishness arise in their minds.  Abandoning 
restraint, they give themselves up to the five desires and fall into the evil paths of existence.  Always I am aware of 
which living beings practice the way, and which do not, and in response to their need for salvation I preach various 
doctrines for them, at all times I think to myself: How can I cause living beings to gain entry into the unsurpassed 
way and quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?


These are the formal teachings of the elders.  Alas, we must close the books and walk, practicing what we have retained of 
certainty amongst  the disbelievers and hypocrites of the world.

As an expedient means we present for your consideration, 
The Ceremony: 
“As A Companion”

We rehearse life’s ebb and flow 
Patients in duration,
Joy in Compassion,
and love in peace.
Thus, We hold on together.

As we take water to fire
We introduce the page divine 
to nourish the soul.
As fire is under water, reflecting
the Final Stage of Transcendental Bliss, the apex of water, blood, 
and light. A State called “WHOLTHRIA”,
Or simple called,  TEA.  

We, too follow the Order
established by HIM.

“That which is hot remains hot only when cool is reheated”.

The Sun taken as a symbol of loves constancy reveals it’s 
source as unseen yet ever-present. Unchanged, unmoved 
since its erection,  reckoned not by time.


As primitive man migrated he encountered 
different elements in nature, one of the elements 
being the hot springs. The run off from the hot 
springs flowed into the ponds.  The ponds along 
with the surrounding vegetation became known, 
for there healing properties. Upon closer 
examination it was discovered by the people that 
the healing was in the water and the vegetation, leaf, 
branch, fruit and root aided by the heat of the 

With the mastery of fire the people were able to 
mimic the healing properties of the ponds, adding 
plants and herbs to the hot water, provided the 
same healing properties as the pools.  Recognizing 
something spiritual about the healing, rituals were 
developed.  Peacefulness, centeredness and focus, 
these are characteristics necessary in today’s 
society that can be developed by the ritual taking 
of tea.  

This explanation would seem to offer the origin of 
the taking of tea more an African root for the 
practice of Making Peace, as an earlier oriental 
stance of healing for societies members, accompanied 
with ceremony. 
La Wadi

The Ceremony Of Life

This ceremony of life is for those who wish to 
align them selves with human culture and begins 
when each person is seated, followed by an 
invocation for right guidance.

This practice incorporates the best and highest 
standards for Human conduct towards each other, 
patience, compassion and love as demonstrated, 
through the thoughtfulness of serving a cup of hot 

Known as The Coming of Age, civilization and 
its practices introduces, 

“The 5thMoralia”, 
Acknowledgement.  A time for correction 
and upright dealings… 

RESPONSIBILITY. The practice of good 
moral conduct is rooted in a strong ethical base.  
In repetition we reflect on the four rules or 
standards by which we seek to establish our lives 
through our judgment of others, and by which we 
ourselves seek to be judged. 

1. An Apple doesn’t fall 
far from the tree.
2. The whole truth 
nothing but the truth.
3. Stand for right or fall 
for wrong.
4. The best you can do 
is be true to your 

The Object of the Practice

The tuning of the heart, for moral development 
which aims at pursuing the crown of creation, 
as the ultimate triumph in fulfilling the human 
potential of every member of this specie, this 
We aim to offer.” 

We rehearse life’s ebb and flow:
Patience in duration,
Compassion in joy,
and love in peace.

Thus, We hold on together.

The Final Stage of transcendental  
bliss-the apex of  water, blood and light.

A State called “WHOLTHRIA”,

Or simple called, 




The Highest Human Leadership requires three stages of action, or works, 
through CERTAINTY.  An understanding of the past, a good disposition about 
the present and an empty vessel at the waters edge to serve in the price of 

Hurry on the children are coming....

This now is the NEW Directive called, 

“The Principle of Directed Purpose SUPREME 


We must tie up the means of production and give away the increase, to 
eliminate greed, injustice and oppression. The great and satisfying reply 
to all human questioning and human need is to be found in this purpose, no 
longer would religious faith be prostituted to the promotion of social 
smugness in the fortunate while serving only to encourage stoical resignation 
in and for the unfortunate victims of social deprivation, that which an act 
merits. This now is the way forward for humanity to establish the acceptable 
year.  As three thousand realms in a single moment, the birth, death and 
resurrection of Christ.

For the Lord has ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument 
for the healing of all the earth and the union of all its peoples… one 

Five Sips & Four Rounds
(Short Introduction)
Beginning of Conversation. (STOP)

The first round starts with the male pouring 
the tea, into both cups.
Each person must consume the cupful in five 
sips, before the next round can begin. 
No More or No less.
No conversation during the pouring.

1.  1st Round 
Five sips of tea

The second round starts with the female pouring 
the tea, into both cups.
2.  2nd  Round
Five sips of tea

The third round starts with the male once again, 
pouring the tea into both cups.
3.  3rd Round
Five sips of tea

The fourth and final round is completed when 
the female pours the tea, into both cups.
4.  4th Round
Five sips of tea

Invocation for guidance,
Parting of the Ways.…         End Of ceremony

Mr. Wadi


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